On the road: Maldon Easter Parade

Picture by PBull-Media

Easter Monday this year was spent very differently, thanks to the good folk of Maldon in central Victoria.

At 10.30am sharp, the town’s sizeable annual Easter Parade got under way with very few Easter bunnies or chocolates in sight … they were to come later.

Picture by PBull-MediaThe most impressive performance on the day was this red heeler who managed to stay steady for two full laps of the parade circuit!

Maldon’s parade also involved participants from nearby towns, including Castlemaine, where we have family living.

Picture by PBull-MediaThe most colourful group was most probably the Castlemaine Highland Pipe Band, which looked spectacular in their Castlemaine kilts, sashed green jackets and bearskin hats.

Picture by PBull-MediaHistoric bicycles were popular, including this one built for two, but not the usual tandem configuration. Instead the cyclists work side-by-side and, in their vintage costumes, delighting the crowds of thousands lining Maldon’s main street.

iPhone picture by Trina McLellanWhile having an award-winning photographer husband shooting the event was great, a trusty iPhone was pretty handy to have at the ready as some classic cycles worked their way up the slight hill before turning back towards the parade’s starting point.

iPhone picture by Trina McLellanThis chap was clearly very experienced in riding his penny farthing cycle and looked superb in his tweed suit.

Picture by PBull-MediaShades of Arabian Nights were evident with this happy group, mostly on donkeys, led by a bedecked horse and rider.

iPhone picture by Trina McLellanAmong the many vehicles featured in the parade was this typical bush “ute”, driven by a cheeky local P-Plater who had a special banner across the top of his windscreen that read: “SORRY, OFFICER”.

iPhone picture by Trina McLellanOne suspects the locals get up to a fair bit of shenanigans, as this classic 1967 Ford Fairlane Ranchero carted two kegs of Henry’s Hillbilly Moonshine and it was closely tailed by the crazy Beverly Hillbillies crew.

iPhone picture by Trina McLellanFor classic car lovers, this parade was a gem, with everything from an Austin Healey Bug Eye Sprite to classic MGs.

iPhone picture by Trina McLellan

iPhone pictures in photo montage by Trina McLellan

iPhone images in photo montage by Trina McLellan

iPhone photo montage by Trina McLellanAfter the show was over, everyone adjourned to watch the fundraising egg-tossing race on the main drag and one-by-one stumbled home to polish off the last of the Easter eggs.

Canon G1X picture by Trina McLellanWORDS: Trina McLellan
PICTURES: Peter Bull, PBull-Media and Trina McLellan

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